Time to find shelter…

Kris Anderson
Berkshire Idea Generators


As the sun slowly sinks into the dust-filled haze of the false horizon you notice the voltage meter on the dash quickly ticking down. You know that your re-purposed, solar Prius won’t be getting much further. “Time to find shelter” you say out-loud to yourself.

The long, straight road has yielded little in the past few days and sleeping out in the open one more night makes your skin crawl. The Blue-Meanies are bound to find you eventually.

The miles pass and you begin to lose hope until way ahead in the distance you see the unmistakable flicker of a weak fluorescent and then the intermittent flash of red neon. Your pulse quickens and you get a surge of adrenalin. You glance at the battery-level indicator as it starts to fall into the red and wonder if the last rays from the sun will generate enough juice to get you safe for the night. Throwing caution to the wind you accelerate to max-speed and feel that the warm desert air rushing past your head-gear is already starting to cool.

Part 2

Part 3

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