They’re all moving to the same beat !

You walk toward the door twisting off the cap of your forty and take a long pull from the cold bottle. As you enter the darkness of flashing lasers and blinking strobes the sound hits you like the concussion from an atomic bomb; rushing past you and enveloping you in sonic waves. You can’t help but start to move with the beat.

As your eyes adjust to the low-light you notice people all around you. They’re all moving to the same beat.

You make your way through the throngs of dancers and under the cages of scantly clad go-go dancers. Up ahead is a bar and your forty is now empty. Before you can get to the bar though, you are accosted by a tall, thin man who looks to have been sired by a milking machine.

“PUNCH?” he squeals as he pumps a handle and points a hose into a glass.

The liquid glows and before you can answer he is gone and the glass is in your hand.

At first a sip, then a slug and then you bottom the glass.

“Man, that’s good” you say to no-one in particular.

Continuing through the crowd you target the bar which looks uncannily like the counter behind which the man was standing in the front of the bodega. When you get there you notice it’s the same guy or a twin or a clone or…

“Three fingers and some mixer” you shout not even hearing yourself.

“Right” the bartender says and he hands you the drink.

Taking the glass you notice the source of everyone’s attention. Hanging from the darkness as if floating in mid-air is the man responsible for the thumping – earphone pressed to one ear, rhythmically gyrating to the sound. He looks up and notices you, giving you the thumbs-up.

Time seems to pause and the beat takes you and you dance – everyone dances.

Perspiring – you make your way to the back of the room and are welcomed by a seat in a lounge where the vibe is softer and more apropos for conversation which is good because the person you were dancing with is now talking to you.

“I thought we wouldn’t see you here this year” they say.

“I thought I wouldn’t make it here” you counter. “But, how could I miss this bash.”

“Well I’m glad you’re here. This one is going to be the best!”

“So it is” you reply and the night begins to unfold.

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  1. Mike McLaren February 13, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    Okay, found #3 in my reader. I’m cool. This is cool. Now I’m ready for #4.

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