Eyebrows Optional…

Whether you’re cruising through the desert to escape nuclear fall-out and bio-hazard zombies or just grabbing the morning paper, nothing works better than a mohawk. But you want to keep your long tresses for romantic evenings by the burning trash heap you say!

Well, let Kandee Johnson show you how to have the best of both worlds with her how-to on your day to day faux hawk!

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Steam Punk According to the NYT

Steampunk Moves Between 2 Worlds


“MEET Showtime,” said Giovanni James, a musician, magician and inventor of sorts, introducing his prized dove, who occupies a spacious cage in Mr. James’s apartment in Midtown Manhattan. Showtime is integral to Mr. James’s magic act and to his décor, a sepia-tone universe straight out of the gaslight era.

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Radioactive Bodega ! Now that your are glowing, it’s so much easier to meet people in dark bars !

Radioactive Bodega

I think that on this Radioactive Bodega stuff, there is a lot of flexibility. In the graphic we did, it would be fun to do a version that animates on the web, where the three triangles could  flash different images or something. Also, i am channeling a combo of 1950’s cold-war paranoia with a Mad Max-Post Apocalypse kind of zombie aesthetic….…

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