What to wear in post-apolcalyptic party attire from IS183’s resident fashion maven and Executive Director extraordinaire!

Hope says…..

  • If it Glows, it Goes

  • Dress to see and be seen  through a fallout cloud.

  • Swap your stiletto Blahniks for combat boots.

  • Trade in your Ray Bans for blast glasses.

  • Burn your feather boa; get an artillery belt.

  • Ditch the blow-out for a faux-hawk.

  • Prada suit? No way! Haz-Mat suit?

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As night encroaches and your vehicle slows

As night encroaches and your vehicle slows, the lume from the man-made oasis ahead gradually brightens the dusk sky. The road, which had been unrelentingly flat for so long, seems now to give way to a moderate down-hill grade and the source of the lights grows before you as your Prius coasts into the parking lot.…

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