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As night encroaches and your vehicle slows

As night encroaches and your vehicle slows, the lume from the man-made oasis ahead gradually brightens the dusk sky. The road, which had been unrelentingly flat for so long, seems now to give way to a moderate down-hill grade and the source of the lights grows before you as your Prius coasts into the parking lot.…

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Time to find shelter…

Kris Anderson
Berkshire Idea Generators


As the sun slowly sinks into the dust-filled haze of the false horizon you notice the voltage meter on the dash quickly ticking down. You know that your re-purposed, solar Prius won’t be getting much further. “Time to find shelter” you say out-loud to yourself.…

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Get Your Radioactive Bodega Tickets!!!


Radioactive Bodega

Saturday, March 6, 2010

East Coast Refinishing

4 Industrial Drive, Pittsfield

6PM dinners at private homes*

reserve your tickets soon!

8PM dance party and silent auction

Buy tickets now!

Choose a level below and click ‘add to cart’ to purchase tickets. Ticket purchases are made through Paypal. You will have the opportunity to specify the quantity of tickets you would like to buy once you enter that secure system.…

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Radioactive Bodega ! Now that your are glowing, it’s so much easier to meet people in dark bars !

Radioactive Bodega

I think that on this Radioactive Bodega stuff, there is a lot of flexibility. In the graphic we did, it would be fun to do a version that animates on the web, where the three triangles could  flash different images or something. Also, i am channeling a combo of 1950’s cold-war paranoia with a Mad Max-Post Apocalypse kind of zombie aesthetic….…

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