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What to wear in post-apolcalyptic party attire from IS183’s resident fashion maven and Executive Director extraordinaire!

Hope says…..

  • If it Glows, it Goes

  • Dress to see and be seen  through a fallout cloud.

  • Swap your stiletto Blahniks for combat boots.

  • Trade in your Ray Bans for blast glasses.

  • Burn your feather boa; get an artillery belt.

  • Ditch the blow-out for a faux-hawk.

  • Prada suit? No way! Haz-Mat suit?

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Eyebrows Optional…

Whether you’re cruising through the desert to escape nuclear fall-out and bio-hazard zombies or just grabbing the morning paper, nothing works better than a mohawk. But you want to keep your long tresses for romantic evenings by the burning trash heap you say!

Well, let Kandee Johnson show you how to have the best of both worlds with her how-to on your day to day faux hawk!

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